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Dr J at Home, killing Quizorthians October 21, 2015
Something new coming soon.

The content for 2 The Xtreme will come back online soon, but without PHP-Nuke. All previous 2 The Xtreme related content will return as well in a similar fashion it was before. PHP-Nuke has been replaced by my own system.

What to expect:
• There will be no forums. Seriously, nobody ever used them in 13 years they were on the site.
• There will be no users system.
• Rogue Admin will still be active and will once again brandish the banhammer for severe attacks. There will be no public access to a wall of shame.
• There will be no PHPNuke downloads. PHPNuke has had its day.

About the 2 The Xtreme content:
• All unoffical content will be moved to a dedicated category.
• The Characters system will still allow anonymous content with a user supplied password and username. This username and password will only be good for that one item. Items with minimal information will be deleted after 3 days automatically. This will not be a storage for your RPG characters unless if there is enough demand.

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