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2 The Xtreme - Zombieland Apocolypse Campaign Details

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Zombieland Apocolypse
Campaign Year: 2450

Campaign Information
Game Master: MGCJerry
Campaign Type: In-person only
Campaign Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy
Campaign Status: Inactive
Player Slots: 1/1 (Full)

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Characters Players: (1)

Player Characters: (4)
Kassie Murdoc
Eberto Murdoc
Luna Murdoc
Alyce La'Croix

Non-Player Characters: (20)
Cadell Stubbs
Col. Jackson Black
Cynthia Fortey
Donnaleius Danellius
Dr. Jonus Isican
Jeremy Shootem'
John Kill Shootem'
Lizeraciz Arthisicus
Melissa Arcadia
Minestell Danellius
Sadel Hysa
Jenny Sorrenson
Saul Hysa
Verde Hysa
Campaign Story for Zombieland Apocolypse Zombies have begun to inexplicably show up after several odd high-profile incidents. While this was great fun for mercenaries and a bloodthirsty society, it had a dark side that didn't surface until later. After several months it seemed the zombies became more powerful instead of further decaying and studies on zombies became next to impossible. It became much more unbearable once the zombies started being able to use the original person's magic and abilities with impunity.

It became clear as the event continued that as more zombies were killed, the remaining zombies became that much more powerful. Once the Catastaria Magic field became inactive, the zombies became more organized with their smaller numbers it also became apparent that they are drawing their magic off another source. This prompted many to panic to believe the end is near, but unbeknownst to everyone, the end was already in-progress and the act of killing the zombies itself was a form of judgement to the populace which everyone was utterly failing.

At this stage, the zombies turned everything up a notch by being able to communicate with each other regardless of distance which made all specialized attacks ineffective. A discovery was made that some people were not affected by "infection" as it was mistakenly called. These people were already looking at how their immunity could be used to save the remaining lives. It became known that this event occurred because of issues outside race gods have with the race gods in the Selena System. The affected race gods then found out about a conspiracy to wipe out their own races to keep the energy for themselves.

The battle between good and evil was already in place, and the good was losing. If there was only a way to use the zombie's own magic and abilities against them.

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