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2 The Xtreme - Merc Life Campaign Details

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Merc Life
Campaign Year: 2139

Campaign Information
Game Master: MGCJerry
Campaign Type: Online & in-person
Campaign Genre: fantasy
Campaign Status: Inactive
Player Slots: 1/1 (Full)

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Characters Players: (1)

Player Characters: (1)
Drake Pen

Non-Player Characters: (1)
John Kill Shootem'
Campaign Story for Merc Life The Helfin race are well known in Selena as overall experts of technology and all related fields. Sharp minds were used throughout the ages to push Helfin technology far beyond of all other neighboring races technology. "Never let a good Helfin mind go to waste" is well known among Helfins in any sort of position of command or influence.

An autistic Helfin child, Drake was sold as a slave to one of the many "Merc Squads" in a Helfin starport for his parents to pay off an old favor. Drake with his uncanny affinity for technology and building moderately sophisticated items in his spare time from spare parts has found a stable "home" working on various bits of technology for use by his new owners.

When the Squad "Boss" was curious to this child's abilities, sent him a test to figure out information about a weapon where its specifics are widely unknown but known to "Boss". Drake figured out over the course of a couple weeks some of the inner workings of this weapon and was correct on how it worked. Drake passed the test, and was offered another position with another "contractor" who himself is a weapons designer.

Who would have thought the "terrorist organization" called HUNTERS would be interested in an autistic Helfin child?

Perhaps the HUNTERS knows something nobody else does.

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