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Viewing races in the Special Races category. There are 5 races in this category.

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Races Database
Bitren flopen
Demi-Floppin Quick Summary:
A companion race to the Floppins, these medium creatures employ the use of biomechanical additions to expand their abilities. This race is just as mysterious as the larger of the species but both are very commonly seen together.

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Fenal sapiens
Fenalician Quick Summary:

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This race lives in an extremely remote location and is believed to have leveled the Isicander Outpost, and had Quizorthia in the dark and yet was not detected by any radar of any type.
Kaldeia trisapian
Reniac Quick Summary:

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Slave Trader
This race has an extreme desire to capture others and sell them as slaves. Approach with Caution.

Smalloid Quick Summary:
A very primitive looking and underestimated race. Smalloid's origins are unknown, but ther master expertise, and size make them invaluable for in-flight repairs in exchange for seeing the universe. Smalloids swarm in numbers that can easily overwhelm thier victims, but they dont attack unless provoked.

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Solartra sapien
Solart Quick Summary:
Solarts are tall, humanoid, bleached white race that lives on a planet where little color naturally occurs due to the sun. The Solart race is run as a hive mentality where there is no individuality and life revolves around the well-being of the colony.

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