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Alyce La'Croix - Alyce
Category: Characters Database | Old Player Characters

Created by: MGCJerry | MGCJerry's Characters
Character Sheet: View / Print
2 The Xtreme
Campaign: Zombieland Apocolypse

Character Vitals
Birthname: Alyce La'Croix
(al·ice law·croy)
Nickname: Alyce
Campaign (Year): Zombieland Apocolypse ( 2450 )
Callsign: None
Race: Solart (See all Solarts)
Gender: Sequential hermaphroditism
Homeworld: Solart
Currently Resides: Quizorthia
Date of Birth: August 15, 2429 5:30 pm (Young Adult - 21 Years old)
Date of Death: Still Alive
Alignment: Slave
Marital status: Single
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Photos Alyce La'Croix - Alyce
Player Character
Pictures supplied by her master
S463-L262A420 2X9A6A315F

Physical Appearance
Height: 8', 9" (2.67 m)
Weight: 321.71 lb (145.90 kg)
Body Build: Skinny
Skin: Tan /w serious scarring
Hair: Black /w White streaks
Eyes: Gray
Detailed Clothing Description:
Leftovers and hand-me downs. Anything readily available.
General Information
Occupation: Hired Deckhand
Hobbies: Jewelry, & space travel
Allies: People who are loyal
Enemies: Not Available
Fav. Colors: White & Yellow
Fav. Food: Meat
Fav. Music: Varies widely
Languages: Not Available

Background info for Alyce La'Croix
• Personal Background
Alyce was rejected from "The Organism" on her homeworld after suffering from a viral skin attack when she was a toddler. The virus left her skin horribly scarred which distracted any other Solart and made her stand-out in groups and attract predators. Because of this, she was removed from the colony and stripped of any Solart rights and being sent away with a trader as a slave. Like all other Solart, she was not named until her slave trader took possession of her and gave her the name Alyce.

Alyce's original slave master not knowing how to handle a slave who doesn't think freely, ended up releasing her in which she was quickly rejected because of her appearance and inability to do stuff on her own without being specifically instructed. While she is not a slave at the moment, her contract can be bought by anyone for ¢35 (Credits).

Alyce has spent the past several years of her life as a degenerated reject jumping from starport to starport to try to make a living by doing the legwork for pirates moving stolen goods and stealing at the word of her boss. The learning has been hard but she is beginning to learn how to live on her own but her appearance is highly off-putting which holds her back.

• Family Background
Like all Solart, Alyce was born to be part of The Organism and controlled by the overlord for the overall good of the Solart colony. Alyce has no family ties to any of her parents because she was spawned along with 1000s of others.

• Family Relation
Not Available

Additional Info
• Alyce's Comments
Umm... ...

• MGCJerry's Comments
Alyce appears fairly "stupid" because the society she came from runes entirely on hive mentality. As a result, she doesn't really know how to handle day-to-day life on her own very well.

• (OOC) Out of Character Information
• Alyce's gender can change in a single gender environment, but must spawn offspring as a female.
• Solart loyalty and respect to a "master" is a strong force among Solart behavior who tend to end up as slaves. Keeping a Solart busy, healthy & safe is a guaranteed way to build loyalty.

3D/CG Assets used to assemble this character.
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