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2 The Xtreme - Races Directory

Welcome to the Races information center. There are 22 races in 4 categories. The information provided by the GM/DM and as such the data may or may not be correct.

Races Database
All Races
22 Races

This category displays ALL Races in any category

Main Races
6 Races

Here are the playable races you will find present in 2 The Xtreme. These races are freely available to PCs and are commonly found around the universe.

Minor Races
9 Races

These races are present throughout the universe or even other parts of it, but they are not very influenced by the events of 2 The Xtreme, nor the Isicander Wars.

Special Races
5 Races

These races are available to players under specific requirements and restrictions due to most of them being relatively unknown, secretive or even not known about at the start of the game.

Crossover Races
2 Races

These races are just crossovers from other games, movies, or other original works. They are simply called "Crossover Races" or "Addon Races". These races have undergone adjustments to make them work in the 2 The Xtreme Universe.

2 The Xtreme - Races

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