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  [Changelog] Large Sitewide Updates      
Posted by: MGCJerry on Oct 16, 2016 @ 12:04 EDT
Last Edited: Dec 2, 2016 @ 17:43 EST
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Latest Updates highlighted

The commenting and voting system has been placed on hold so I can complete a number of other systems.

I have updated a number of items around the RPG scripts. The original store has been retired and replaced with a new system that will see additional use in other areas. The store does *not* save to inventories yet, once the store is completed, the inventory system will get completed as well. After that, there are a number of changes that need to be made to the RPG system to allow anonymous users as well as registered users to interact more in-depth with the system. Once that is completed, users will have the ability to do more with their character data. Below is a changelog of what has been updated.

Core System
• Several back-end admin & GM interface updates.
• Lots of code cleaned up and made more coherent.
• First pass to make the systems more standardized for user editing.
• More admin & GM configuration options.
• Major changes to imageManager class.
• Improved item linking system to accommodate new modules.
• Second pass on user editing systems. User adding/editing will not be fully functional until the account system is completed.
• Began provisions for granting users "as GM" to give control over RPG system with addition of GM & admin functions.

• Replaced old midicart system with a more up-to-date self built system.
• Products have been updated
• Tax & shipping rates have been expanded to the other systems. If enabled, your orders now have tax added to the order based on the character's residence tax rate (if set). If enabled, shipping price is also affected as well.
• Added Order History. You can see your characters past orders.
• Store has specific quantity of item stock. The store can run out of stock of items.

• Account numbers have been depreciated and only remain for visuals. Pin numbers will be needed to use the bank, as well as the store
• GM deposits and withdraws have been enabled.
• All transactions; debit, withdraw & store purchases now show up in the ATM in a transaction log.
• Funds transfer. You can now send funds to any other character with an associated account.
• Added memo field for bank transactions.
• Rearranged ATM display.

• Script structure changes that removed a lot of redundancy and streamlined the code & database. This allowed the addition of additional genders and a number of other code and structure improvements.
• Homeworld is now ID based instead of text based.
• Addition of Residence. This affects the store, more later
• Spellbook administration is completed. Spells can now be assigned to characters via GM interface.
• Improved character sheets. Character sheets now also print with full headers and page counts and has spaces for player to write information. They're actually functional now on printed paper.
• Addition of family relations. A characters parents and/or children are now displayed.
• Added age-group display. Now you can see what age-group that character fits. Child, Adult, elderly, etc. Also added configuration interface for admins.
• Several Character portraits updated and/or created.
• Necessary changes to accommodate "Campaign System". Character's ages now reflect based on the time period in which campaign they are played on.
• Added Language field
• Rearranged character information display
• Added "view by campaign" category

• Magic system has had an internal overhaul. Changes to database & code structure and removed lots of redundancy.

• Added Character List. When viewing race details, it also shows a list of characters that are that race.
• Added an age-group display. Each race now displays what ages fit into which age-groups. For races that do not have an age group set, it will use an extrapolated version of real-world human age-groups.
• All Races pictures replaced.
• Additional Races images completed.

• Addition of Tax field, used by the store.
• Altered how body parent data is handled, based on ID instead of name. This corrected a bug if an item is renamed, its children would get "lost" and would never show back up.
• Added a character display. You will now see a list of what characters are from that location.
• Corrected bug with homeworld display in "Also Inhabits" popup.

• First pass of the code and cleaned up a lot of bugs.

Campaign System
• Addition of NEW "Campaign system". This system allows for campaign tracking. Characters can be added as PCs or NPCs.
• Old OpenRPG Logs are now back online within this system.
• Added player list.

Lots of work has occurred to the system over the last month.

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